White Label Press Release Service for Agencies



  • Strategically Position Clients as Experts
  • Proprietary Sourcing Feature for E-A-T
  • Advanced SEO Technology & Execution
  • Wordpress Plugin Creates Automation
  • Live Map Display via Direct Google Maps API Integration
  • Easily create 100's of DoFollow links
  • Quality 5-Star Done For You Writing Team At Your Service
  • No PBNs, Only High-Quality ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and USA-based Radio Stations with authoritative domain & traffic profiles
  • Proprietary strategy and advanced SEO features no other SEO or content marketing software offers

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Michael Goldstein - Kitchen Remodeling SEO

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) w/ Answers
One credit on our system is the equivalent of one US dollar. In other words to purchase a credit it costs one USD. Various marketing solutions on our platform cost credits. Examples of this would be: distributing a press release, ordering DFY PR/content writing, or adding additional distribution channels like Voice Search.

We have pass-through pricing for PR distribution channel costs and our platform is uniquely built to allow you to send your articles out for distribution to different channels instead of ALWAYS doing a mass send to all channels for a higher net cost like all other PR services. Each distribution channel we integrate with in the future has a cost associated with it for each distribution. We pass this per distribution cost on to our agency partners (a HUGE differentiator by the way!). Our first and primary distribution channel is a US-based network of CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC and Radio affiliates. Our cost with this distribution partner is $5 per distribution and thus the cost to our partners is 5 credits ($5). There is standard editorial review and submission cost of 5 credits ($5) for all press release distributions so the total cost for a PR on our platform with one channel is 10 credits (in the future it will be as low as 7-8 credits).

Our platform will have additional channels of distribution going live every quarter going forward and we will pass our distribution costs through to our agency partners in the same fashion. We have channels that will be less than 5 credits as well. Most other PR platforms are charging $25-50 for one mass PR distribution (only a fraction of which actually index or get countedy by Google by the way). On our platform you get BETTER results for $10 (or 10 credits). Want to vary distribution and link footprint? Add on custom channels...

You are welcome to buy more credits and launch more campaigns whenever you want from within your Agency Account in Quantum Newswire. OPTIONAL: You can also lock in a better 'per credit' price after you make your initial investment here for a limited time.

Your Quantum Newswire agency account credits NEVER expire as long as your account remains active and in good standing. Charter member credits never expire as long as account remains in good standing. Credits received on monthly subscription accounts roll-over and accumulate if unused in any given month.

Great question! Each of the 3 levels available to join in at have a cap of the number of client accounts (a managed entity) you can add as an agency to your account on the platform. If you need more client accounts in the future you can upgrade to the next level which provides more client accounts.

Our platform is built from the ground up with SEO in mind which is also why we developed a proprietary Wordpress plugin that accompanies and works in conjunction with our SaaS platform. As an agency user of our platform, each article you send out for distribution will be for a specific company (client of yours or your own agency possibly). Each time you add a client of yours to our platform, that managed entity/client account is assigned a specific API key for the Wordpress plugin that can/should be installed on the client's WP site (if they have one and if not this is a great opportunity for an upsell). Adding a client account to our platform as a Company includes adding the client's name, address, phone (NAP), email, logo and social profile URLs to their company profile. This data is then added to every article you assign and distribute for that client with advanced technical SEO applied. The corresponding WP plugin works on the client's website and aggregates all of the article distribution pickups along with links to each on a custom Newswroom page that the plugin creates. The Wordpress plugin actually does quite a bit but that is a different topic. Because so much functionality and features are associated with each and every company added to the platform, there are associated costs with these features and this is why each level has a max number of managed entities or client accounts associated with that level.
For agencies providing SEO services, every release and article you distribute on the Quantum Newswire platform will generate incredible SEO signals. Each distribution will inlcude a GMB listing map embed and produce at least 50+ legitimate major media authority pickups, which can include authority do-follow backlinks using our advanced editor in the platform. These backlinks come from sites with high Domain Authority (DA) and Trust Scores. These valuable signals generated from our platform and the distribution complement any other SEO you're doing making it much more effective. Also, if you're working with local business clients, your campaigns will also attract over 100+ nice local citations, which 99% of businesses simply don't have, giving them a huge advantage. The Quantum Newswire business model itself and our training is also very powerful for getting your foot in the door to upset other SEO and marketing agency competitors.

Here's the short 'elevator pitch…'

You are buying access to a complete business model for agencies or resellers. The Quantum Newswire platform has taken several years and over a half million dollars to develop, refine and perfect. We simply guarantee positive results if you follow the training and use the platform the way it is developed to get results for your clients.

Quantum Newswire has publishing partnerships with major media and news sites. Getting your client's content published on highly trusted, high traffic websites like these is a big part of building the E-A-T profile of an entity which is needed to rank high in Google and in the Google Map Pack/3-Pack.

Our platform works incredibly well for building and growing the E-A-T profile of an entity, fulfilling on strategic expert positioning strategies, building online authority, growing eCommerce sales and local search rankings for businesses, especially Google 3-pack rankings.

Building the E-A-T profile for an entity is of huge importance. To grow the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of a business or entity, is of prime importance in driving rankings and map pack visibility. Googlebot is scoring these areas by virtue of quantifying signals and the authority/quality of those signals. The Quantum Newswire platform, at it's core, is a signal generation engine that highly automates generating quality, authoritative signals by feeding the engine content (fuel). Get in, sit down, and hold on!

Yes - We guarantee pickups of your client's press releases and positive results if you follow our strategies and use our platform."

Great question! For content/PR writing, prices varies based on your account level (Silver, Gold or Platinum). Silver = 50 credits; Gold = 45 credits and Platinum = 40 credits for a 500-600 word optimized news article. We have the ability to write shorter or longer articles for you so just let us know what you need and our content writing team will be happy to assist!
Here's a sample of the authority news sites we'll get you published on...
White Label Press Release Service
White Label Press Release Service